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When the Mark Burnett Content Studio (VIMBY LLC, Los Angeles) needed a regionally-based production company to handle the producing, casting, filming and editing of over 20 regional commercials for a national Walmart campaign, they came to our team. Perhaps you will too!

More than your average production company, we're seasoned filmmakers, storytellers and entrepreneurs since 2004.  In addition to producing corporate videos, we write and develop stories that impact audiences worldwide from short stories and long-form cinematic commercials, to TV shows, and full-length feature films and documentaries.


Whether you're an individual, a business, a nonprofit, a national or even an international company looking for a local crew, we can get your production done right and within budget.  From simple projects to complex ones, there's nothing too big or small for our team!

Work with the writers and producers of the action-drama movie Heroes Of Dirt (PG-13, 2015) filmed in the Lehigh Valley PA region, released theatrically in more than 60 U.S. markets, distributed internationally, and named one of Top 75 Fall Movies to Watch by New York Magazine, listed along movies like The Martian, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, and Star Wars VII: Force Awakens.







Most Effective National
Retail Marketing Campaign
Best Videography in
a 30 Second Spot
Best Editing in a
Newsmagazine Series

We manage and employ the best video professionals, matching top talent for each project's custom needs.

Jill Bugbee Headshot 2020.jpg



Producer  | Writer


They met in Los Angeles. Representing two well-respected universities in disciplines that couldn't be further apart, husband-and-wife duo Eric & Jill found common ground in the love of storytelling, filmmaking and adventure. Since launching their first company (previously named Bugbee Productions) together in 2004, they have helped many decision-makers take their businesses to a higher level.

With over 35 years of combined professional experience in production, writing, development, marketing and distribution, Eric and Jill value integrity, creativity, quality, efficiency, long-term client relationships and leadership by example.

Eric Bugbee Headshot 2020.jpg



Producer | Director | Writer


We value our crew like family, because we know that a good team makes any type of collaborative work successful. Since the objectives and scope of each client's project is so unique, we have a stable of top-level video professionals we employ, on each of our various projects, to maximize the production value along with the projects' needs, to get our clients the absolute best quality production and customer experience for their budget.

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